Island Experiment
The game is currently not supported.
Active operation is stopped.
Nexters’ first casual
game released on social
networks in 2014

New adventures await!
The exciting world of Island Hoppers is waiting for your help! Investigate the disappearance of Emily’s brother, explore the mysterious ruins of a lost civilization, and build up your own farm!

Welcome to The Island – the place where there’s no time to be bored. Where two lost scientists urgently need your help to survive. Where numerous hidden treasures are waiting for you to hunt for them. Where ancient Archipelagos pop up from nowhere to be explored. Where hundreds of quests and puzzles challenge you every day. You’ll dig it.

Game Features:
  • Help two lost scientists survive on The Island
  • Turn an abandoned beach into a flourishing farm
  • Grow food, craft equipment, and build a seaside city
  • Explore the mysterious Island
  • Hunt for hidden treasures
  • Travel to ancient Archipelagos
  • Complete thrilling & challenging quests
  • Gain unique rewards
  • Play with your friends and make new ones
But remember! The Island has a secret.
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