Island Hoppers
Explore Mystery,
drama and breathtaking beauty!

Meet Emily. She traveled to a distant tropical island in search of her lost brother and got tangled in an exhilarating whirl of activity. Now, she needs your help to uncover the truth!

Along the way, a lot of adventures & secrets await! People say that long ago an ancient and highly technologically advanced civilization resided on the island. Why did it fall into ruin? What fate befell these ancient people? Where are their legendary treasures hidden now? Delve into an exciting story and learn answers to these and many other questions!

Game Features:
  • Bountiful minigames and puzzles that will keep you entertained at all times!
  • Exciting expeditions into the heart of the wild jungle!
  • Gorgeous graphics that captivates the mind and fills the heart with joy!
  • An intricate and engaging story full of surprises. Uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization!
  • A family estate and a farm that require your attention. Earn money to get resources needed for island exploration!
A mysterious and beautiful island awaits you!
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