Remote work, and Nexters donating to hospitals in need


During these hard times we’d like to keep you informed on what’s been happening at our company.

The current events are changing the way we work and communicate. At Nexters we transitioned to the remote working immediately after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. We can see now, that it was the right move, and hope that everybody is following the important recommendations of staying home as much as possible and practicing social distancing.

Recently, we have also teamed up with other IT & software companies in a charitable initiative. Together we donated the amount of €1 million to the hospitals in need of medical supplies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Seeing what we saw in other countries, we could not have stayed on the sidelines and waited. We decided to act — our employees were sent to work from home before the government actions to the same effect were announced — and investment into the increase of medical system capacity seemed like the most reasonable thing to do”, said Andrey Fadeev, the CEO of Nexters.

Last but not least, we have increased the number of community events happening at our games and on social media to encourage people to stay at home and not spreading the virus further. Please, don’t forget the other simple rules to protect yourself and the people around you: wash your hands; avoid crowds; don’t touch your face, nose and mouth; cover your mouth with a handkerchief when you sneeze, or sneeze into the fold of your elbow.

Stay safe and healthy! For more info on Coronavirus disease, please refer to WHO Advice for Public

You can find more about Nexters & other IT companies donating to the hospitals here