Nexters Supporting Limassol International Marathon


March 22, 2023 -- Limassol, Cyprus -- We were happy to support for the 4th year in a row the OPAP Limassol International Marathon. We donated €1 for each runner out of thousands who finished the individual races. All the collected funds will be handed over to the Limassol Social Grocery. Nexters also hosted a dedicated stand close to the start/finish area to entertain the visitors and celebrate together this sports festival which holds great importance for the whole island.

The goal of Nexters is to spread messages of unity, solidarity and humanity, thus strengthening the Limassol Social Grocery and helping practically our fellow human beings who are really in need. Our employees also took part in the event itself, running with the thousands of participants that came to Limassol on March 18-19. 

“We are very happy to support the marathon for the fourth consecutive year,” said Andrey Fadeev, Nexters CEO. “We hope not only to promote a healthy lifestyle but also make a positive change in the lives of our fellow citizens who were affected by the financial instability. We hope that our partnership will continue, and that together we will change the world for the better.”

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