Nexters raises 2021 forecasts


The video game industry issued cautious expectations regarding post-COVID-19 trends and yet we’re raising our forecasts for the year after showing positive operating and financial metrics in our existing and new games in 2021.

Mobile player behavior hasn’t experienced a noticeable negative change since the start of 2021, while players’ spending grew. Revenue and bookings grew in Q1 compared to the previous year.

That’s why we’ve significantly updated the forecast for 2021 Bookings, based on the strong performance at the beginning of the year. We’re now expected to grow at 38% year-over-year and reach around $610 million in revenue.

"Our games won’t stop being fun when the pandemic ends,” Nexters CEO and Cofounder Andrey Fadeev says. “On the one hand we see an ongoing growth of Hero Wars, a ‘forever franchise' first released in 2016. On the other we see some promising results from new titles such as Chibi Island. Our strong performance from both new and well-established titles positions us well for our anticipated upcoming listing on Nasdaq."

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