Nasdaq Resumes Trading in Nexters Inc


We are happy to announce that Nasdaq Resumes Trading in Nexters Inc (Nexters ordinary shares’ (“GDEV”) and warrants’ (“GDEVW”))! Shareholders were always one of the top priorities for Nexters and now we are extremely proud and happy to announce the trading is finally back!

“Since Nexters’ inception in 2010, we shared a vision to be a global company with employees, partners and players across the world. Our listing on Nasdaq in 2021 was an important milestone and a foundation to our long term strategy. For the last year, we have worked hard to obtain to permission for our shares and warrants to trade again on Nasdaq.  We are thrilled to announce that GDEV is back,” says Andrey Fadeev, CEO and co-founder of Nexters. “We also would like to thank all our stakeholders for their support and patience during the difficult time of the trading halt.”