Hero Wars are out on Huawei’s AppGallery


Our flagship title – Hero Wars – is now available on AppGallery!

It is a rapidly growing platform – according to data for Q3 2021, the number of monthly active users of AppGallery across the world exceeded 560 million people (+32.5% YoY). During the same period, the number of the platform’s users in Europe increased by 61.5% YoY, reaching more than 42 million people.

“We are actively developing the gaming segment of AppGallery and seek to add the most interesting games to the store. That’s why we are happy to start a partnership with Nexters and launch Hero Wars on AppGallery. Now, our users can delve into this memorable and exciting blockbuster, too. We hope that our partnership with Nexters will be fruitful and that the company’s other games will soon launch on our platform as well,” said Arseny Khletbtsev, Ecosystem & BD Manager at Huawei.

This year, the mobile version of Hero Wars celebrated its 5th birthday. According to data for November 2021, more than 4 million unique users loaded up the game each month, and the overall time spent in it by players amounted to 78 thousand years. Meanwhile, lifetime bookings in all versions of Hero Wars exceeded $1 billion.

We hope that being released on a new app marketplace will boost the game’s popularity even more.