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Aurora is an elven maid who was born and grew up in Riversar — the most peaceful and prosperous place in the world. Nevertheless, she was not content with this quiet life and wanted to be a warrior. This led her to enlist in the army of the neighboring nation of Kharun where she endured gruelling training and mockery from fellow soldiers, fought in bloody battles and never wavered in her determination.

One day, she learned that her homeland was under attack from the forces of Chaos, invited into the world by traitors among the elves. She returned home and fought the enemy valiantly, single-handedly winning battle after battle. But finally, she succumbed to a strike of a poisoned blade, was captured and mercilessly tortured. When all hope seemed to be lost, Aurora was saved by divine intervention. The goddess Temari, to whom she prayed all these years when she needed comfort, came to her aid, destroyed her enemies, healed Aurora’s wounds and turned her into a Paladin, so that Aurora could keep fighting evil and protecting the weak.


Galahad was a son of a poor peasant woman but always dreamed of becoming a knight one day. Growing up, he didn’t know his father, so it fell on him to help his mom with her work, all the while somehow managing to find time to train with a sword.

After losing his mother to a deadly illness, Galahad one day met a real knight — Sir Raymond — who has just been waylaid by bandits and clearly outnumbered. Galahad helped the knight to beat back these rogues and secured his friendship. Sir Raymond later repaid the debt by taking a poisoned arrow that was meant for his young protege. With his friend dead, Galahad uncovered his papers and learned that Sir Raymond was, in fact, his father. His heritage now revealed, our hero finally fulfilled his lifelong dream. He was now a knight!

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